Our Inteviewee Olivia Sang Lands An Interview With BBC Africa!

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Cape Town-based model Olivia Sang has landed a powerful feature on BBC Africa’s One Minute Stories. She opened up about how she has had to battle colourism since she started her career as a model.

“I would not trade my skin in the world. If I had to come back in another life, I would still choose to come back as a black girl,” she said.

Olivia went on to how she had to go through subjective colourism from a tender age.

“When I was growing up, people were teasing you about being too dark. I used to think that I am being oversensitive, but it really is something that sits with you. It really makes you think that: I am not beautiful,” she revealed.

Originally from Kenya, Olivia shared that her rise in fashion was unprecedented. She says when she got a contract from a good agency in South Africa, she was given a job as a model for a clothing company.

“I didn’t know much of what it was until I started seeing my face in stores,” she added.

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As of now, the model has managed to be featured in reputable magazines like Vogue Spain, Elle South Africa, Marie Claire South Africa and True Love East Africa.

Despite her experience being mistreated because of her skin colour, she is on her way to stardom.

“Colourism is real and I hope, one day, we can all eradicate colourism because all black is beautiful.”

Here is the feature:

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