Carrie Wahu is one of the fastest-rising content creators and influencers in Kenya. She has quickly built a loyal following, whose engagement rate is at 40.1% at the time of this publication.

That is more than the average celebrity with over 1 million followers. At the time of this posting, she had 142K followers on her Instagram, @carrie_wahu.

Carrie Wahu’s Instagram engagement rate, according to NotJustAnalytics

Wahu is known for her natural hair content, the iconic Sprite campaign that went viral on social media platforms, and her down-to-earth yet fun personality.

In our previous interview with Carrie Wahu, she said that to make money with her brand, she had to approach the companies she wanted to work with.

“For my very first partnership. I just shot my shot. It was with this hair care company called Uhai Hair. I actually love their products. I just introduced myself, told them what I do and they believed in me which was great.,” she revealed.

We have compiled a compilation of facts about Carrie Wahu, the next big thing in the Kenyan online media space.

Age: 21


Relationship: Unavailable

TikTok: @carriewahu

Twitter: @carrie_wahu

Here are more of her photos:







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