Interview: Gaby Xo On Personal Growth And Upcoming Music

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Stellar rapper Gaby XO has been in the groove in the past year. She released her first track “Too Easy” in November 2021. The music video premiered on MTV after heightened excitement amongst her fans.

The video received critical acclaim from industry heavyweights who praised her lyrical prowess, on-camera confidence, and overall delivery of her project. 

Gaby XO has since been working on upcoming projects in the studio. From time to time, she has been teasing her fans with snippets from her upcoming musical releases. The response has been phenomenal: they all want the songs dropped ASAP.

Gaby XO

We had a sit-down with Gaby to find out what she’s been up to and what her fans can expect from her. Enjoy the conversation and be inspired:

Fashion Today: How do you feel your fashion style has changed in the last few years?

Gaby XO: I think I’ve been more brand conscious in terms of style and what I wear in terms of being an artist, I think I’ve also become a lot more confident in my body and I feel comfortable expressing that in my style. 

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FT Who do you feel is the most stylish artist of all time and why?

GXO: Rihanna, I love how she’s just so comfortable in her own skin and that reflects in her style, she wears what she wants to.

Gaby XO

FT:  What are some of your favorite fashion brands that you’d love to work with?

GXO: I would love to work with local fashion brands, I love how my country’s fashion brands have included different cultures in the designs. Names like David Tlale and MaXhosa.

FT: Tell us about your experience so far in music. What’s the biggest lesson so far?

GXO: My biggest lesson in music I’ve learned is to always remember why I fell in love with music and why I chose to pursue this dream, I never want to allow the music business side of things to distract me from why I began in the first place. I use to always focus on getting the business side of it right that I forget the love I have for it.

Gaby XO

FT: What has been your favorite musical project and why?

GXO: My EP, I’ve been working on it for a while now. This is the first body of work I’ll be presenting to my audience and I want it to be something very special. I’ve been learning and growing during the process of it and I’m just so excited to put it out there.

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FT: What’s the most important thing you consider before collaborating with someone?

GXO: Brand alignment, I also consider if the collaboration will make sense in terms of who I am as an artist and my future plans.

FT: What do you regard as your biggest achievement in music so far?

GXO: It’s a personal achievement but shooting my music video for Too Easy was definitely an achievement for me.. as a little girl I always wanted my own music video and I’m really grateful I got to do my first music video way I wanted it to be done.

Gaby XO

FT: Do you have any other interests apart from music that your fans should know?

GXO: Yes, I want them to know that I’m very skilled at archery so if The Hunger Games ever need me I’m ready.

FT: Tell us a bit about your upcoming projects…

GXO: There are a few freestyle visuals you can expect, as well as a single after that my EP will be dropping.

FT: Finally, where will Gaby XO be in the next 5 years? 

GXO: I can never say for sure, all I can say is that I pray I’m where God needs me to be in 5 years’ time and I pray that I’m still healthy, doing what I love and by then I would like to have a really strong name for myself in the music industry.


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