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She’s one of Zambia’s fast-rising stars, definitely the next big thing in content creation. Natasha Chellah has created a niche for herself for being a style influencer.

Her Instagram and TikTok following has been burgeoning, and the 19-year-old star is not stopping anytime soon. At the time of this publication, she had over 100,000 fans across her platforms.

The aspiring brand ambassador comes across as personable, smart, and ambitious. Chellah has demonstrated boldness and utmost creativity when it comes to content creation.

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We had a sit-down with her to find out more about her, the future plans she has, and definitely, what fans don’t know about her.

Chellah describes her style as trendy and casual. Her dream travel destinations are Jamaica and Paris.

As it turns out, the Pharmacy student is more than just a beautiful face and curvaceous body. There’s so much more to her than what she puts out on her social channels.

Fashion Today: You have truly grown your social media brands in an awe-inspiring way. We are sure you’d love to work with some brands in the future. Which ones do you aspire to work with and why?

Natasha Chellah: I’d love to work with Fashion Nova. I truly love fashion and style. I want to be a brand ambassador and there are a lot of benefits that come with that.

Secondly in my country, I’ve never seen anyone working with Fashion Nova; I might be the first in the country and that’ll really be a huge achievement for me.

FT: Growing up, everyone has someone they look up to. This could be a family member or someone in mainstream media. Who’s your biggest inspiration?

NC: I get inspired by so many people that I don’t even know who I would pick to say this one has an impact on my life.

FT: How do friends and people who know you describe your personality?

NC: Very kind, loving, jovial, and also smart.

FT: When it comes to shopping online, things can get tricky. Sometimes what you order is not what you get. What are some of your favorite shopping tips when it comes to ordering stuff online?

NC: I’d say patience. Give yourself time to go through the entire store and then pick out your favorite. With online I’d go to my favorite category and add the best to my cart.

FT: It’s your best friend’s birthday. You have an amazing budget to choose whatever you’d like for the occasion. What would you go for?

NC: It’s my friend’s birthday so I’ll go with what they’d like, like their favorite color, and also I’d tell her to help me pick because that day will be about her and not me.

FT: Zambia is a great country. For anyone planning to visit, what are some of the foods that they should definitely try?

NC: Firstly one should try Nshima (pap); this one is our staple food. Chibwabwa (pumpkin leaves), Delele (okra), and Kapenta stew (Tanganyika sardine).

FT: Music plays a huge role in influencing fashion and style in many young people. What happens to be your favorite genre and does it influence your style?

NC: My favorite music is dancehall but I listen to most genres too, and again my taste in music has no impact on my fashion sense.

FT: Why should African parents support their children’s talent as opposed to insisting on school work only?

NC: Parents should understand it’s not always about school. People are different, and what I hate most is that our parents force us to study anything that has to do with medicine like it’s the one course that will make them so proud.

But it’s not that; they need to help us grow our talents besides school. So, I highly recommend parents helping their kids with growing their talents, ’cause we’re all different.

What will work for one person won’t work for the other. Either way, we need to grow.

FT: What are your big plans with content and brand ambassadorship?

NC: Building my brand, making money, doing whatever makes me happy, and also helping people out there where I can.

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Natasha Chellah
Natasha Chellah
Natasha Chellah
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